Hi, I'm Han Zhang (张晗). I'm the first year master student in department of computer science in University of Southern California. Before that, I obtained my B.S. in physics at University of Science and Technology of China. I'm currently interested in Machine Learning, NLP, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and other subfield of AI. I have worked with Dr.Hong Xu on an under review paper.

Coding in: Python, C++, Java, Javascript


My paper under review


Due to the anonymous policy, this content will be released on finishing review process.

Procedural Generated Trees Using L-system(Collaborated Coursework)


In Computer Graphic and game industrial, generating huge number of plants models in real time is challenging. Therefore, instead of mannually crafting 3D models, people switch to procedural methods. On the other hand, The recursive nature of L-system is fit for such job.
In this project we demonstrated generating 3D natural-like plants models using L-system grammar with customized featured graphic interpreter. Specifically, we

  • extended the growing principles to three-dimension and built a mesh modelgenerator that is capable of generating plants models meshes on demand.
  • built our own OpenGL renderer for rendering the generated models.
  • designed an interactive GUI to view and manipulate the plant models in real time.

See software demo in the video. Click here to view the final report.

Web App for searching ebay products(Individual Coursework)

JavaScript HTML TypeScript CSS

This is a coursework in USC CSCI 571: Web Technology class. I individually developed a web app that can search and display products on ebay. Users by typing in a keyword and setting fi lters, can view the items list that meet their requirements, as well as the detailed information of each product. Moreover, we also provide similar products as shopping recommendations, which is implemented by calling ebay Merchandising API on the backend. Technically, I

  • Wrote NodeJS scripts which
    • listens to AJAX calls from the front end web page,
    • calls ebay developers APIs to get raw JSON response,
    • responds frontend webpage with processed JSON text.
  • Designed frontend webpage using Angular7, implemented two way data binding, page routing and AJAX calls, set styling with Bootstrap to make it compatible with mobile devices.
  • Deployed the app on Google Cloud Platform.

Click here to view the web. Source code released here.

Android App for searching ebay products(Individual Coursework)


This is a follow-up project of the previous web app. We implemented all functions of the web app and they share the same backend. Technically, I

  • Developed the android app on AndroidStudio using Java.
  • Designed user friendly layouts featured Navigation Bars, CardView, floating buttons and ViewPager.
  • Implemented asynchronous functions including image loading and AJAX calls.
Additionally, we call Google search api on the frontend to provide related images on Internet for each product.


To be released...